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Nails & Toes


What is BIAB?

BIAB stands for Builder in a Bottle. It can be used as a base coat to help strengthen the natural nails or used purely to create a lovely natural nude nail.  BIAB helps to enhance the nails natural ability to grow and strengthen brittle nails- helping to increase their flexibility. 

Gel Extensions

What are Gel Extensions?

At IHBEAUTY we use full coverage tips made by Nail Order. These are attached to the natural nail using a soft gel system which is cured under UV light. They are classed as 'Express Extensions' as they take a fraction of the time compared to hard gel extensions or acrylic extensions.  If the correct aftercare is carried out you can expect your nails to last 3-4 weeks, with them then being soaked off the same as gel polish and new extensions can be applied again. 

A pamper session for the hands and/or feet which includes; nail filing/shaping, cuticle work, TGB polish and finished off with cuticle oil.

The best thing about TGB is that is does not have a tacky top coat, meaning after the last cure under the lamp, they are perfectly dry and ready to go- meaning no worrying about smudging!

Why not add a manicure or pedicure to your treatment? Both manicures and pedicures will include hand/foot soak, hand/foot scrub, hand/foot mask, cuticle work, nail filing/shaping and finished off with a hand/foot massage. You can also add gel polish to these treatments.

Nail Tiers

If you are unsure of what nail tier to book please get in contact with a photo so that I can ensure enough time is allocated to your appointment.

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