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My name is Ilana and I am the owner of the award winning IHBEAUTY.  I am a fully qualified beauty therapist, with qualifications also in eyelash extensions, gel polish, gel extensions & numerous eyebrow treatments.

IHBEAUTY is a beauty cabin based in Marsh Gibbon which is located on the boarders of both Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, meaning it is an ideal location for Bicester, Buckingham and Aylesbury too.

After receiving the highest quality of training and using the best brands on the market, I can assure you will feel relaxed during your chosen treatment. I will do my utmost to get to know each client, and work with you towards finding the right treatment.

If you wish to hear more about the beauty treatments offered, contact IHBEAUTY today. All contact details can be found on the home page. 

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2022 Finalist

I was shortlisted for both Best Gel Nails and Best Eyelash Extensions in 2022. I placed 50th for Best Eyelashes in the whole of the country. 

2023 Finalist

In 2023 I was shortlisted for both Best Gel Nails and Best Eyelash Extensions again. I placed in the top 10 for Best Eyelash Extensions for this region. 


2024 Finalist

I was away travelling at the time of entering for this year, however I was still able to enter for Best Gel Nails and have reached the finalists. I am awaiting to hear the results which are due to be announced this summer. 

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